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Siemens/Düwag U2 LRV
Siemens-Düwag U2 LRV.jpg
Siemens/Düwag U2 LRV #1024 Produced in 1982 With the 2005 MTS paint scheme.

Vehicle Number (Year Of Production)

1001-1014 (1980), 1015-1024 (1982), 1025-1030 (1986), 1031-1050 (1989), 1051-1071 (1990)

The original LRVs operating on the initial trolley line between downtown San Diego and San Ysidro, the U2s have officially been retired from the San Diego Trolley system as of January 23, 2015. These cars are easily distinguishable by their large two-piece windshields and rounded angles.